Vehicle Rentals

How do you calculate the days/nights?

We charge per night, so if you reserve Monday through Wednesday you will be charged for two nights.

How many miles are included?

We include 150 miles for each day you have the rental/

Are pets allowed on my adventure?

Yes. Please be respectful of the vehicle, any stains or odors left behind will be charged a fee.

Is my vehicle allowed off-road?

Not only is it allowed, it's encouraged. However, we ask that you stick to designated roads and trails. PLEASE be mindful of the environment and stay on areas where four-wheel drive vehicles are allowed. If you are unfamiliar with offroading let us know and we can set aside some time to go over some basics before you head out.

What if I get a flat tire?

All vehicles come equipped with a full-sized spare tire. If you'd prefer not to mess with it, your reservation includes Road Side Assistance. Just call the provided number and someone will be out to assist you.  

Is smoking allowed in your Vehicles?

Under no circumstances is smoking (of any kind) allowed in the vehicle. What you do around the campfire is your own business.

Gear Rentals

How do you calculate the days/nights?

You don't pay for the time your gear is in transit, so you only need to reserve the days you plan to use the gear. We'll mail it ahead of time, so you have the gear in hand on or before your departure date. 

We charge per night, so if you reserve Monday through Wednesday you will be charged for two nights (as long as the gear is dropped in the mail on Wednesday.) If you miss the Wednesday delivery day, you will be charged for each additional night you keep the gear. The one exception being Sunday, if your end date happens to fall on a Sunday, you have until Monday to drop it into the mail.

How does shipping work?

It's pretty straightforward; we charge a flat fee for shipping (including return shipping.) 

In your shipment, you'll find a pre-printed return label. When you're done with the gear just drop it into the same box we shipped to you, slap the return label over the old one and drop it off at your local post office.

What are the delivery costs?

The round-trip fee for all large rental packages is a flat $50 on the west coast and $90 to the east. Individual items and smaller packages are billed by weight with an average fee of about $20 per rental.

Are longer term leases possible?

Give us a call at 805.444.7357 and let's find the best solution for your adventure.

What if the equipment is lost or damaged during my trip?

You will never be charged for normal wear and tear, we anticipate a certain level of wear with outdoor gear. 

 If any gear is lost or damaged due to negligence we will need to charge you for that item. The replacement cost for each piece of equipment can be found with each item's supplied instructions. 

 If a part of an item is lost (e.g. tent stake, pot lid) you will be charged the replacement cost for that piece. If the piece is not available individually, you will be charged for the entire item. 

I loved what I rented, can I buy it?

Absolutely, if you love the gear you rented just let us know, we'll simply charge you the replacement price shown on the instructions and it's yours to keep. However, we sell brand new units of every item in the "shop" section of the site. We'd recommend picking up a shiny new item (unless you've bonded with that particular piece, who are we to judge.)

Do you clean/sanitize the equipment?

Yes, all equipment is cleaned, inspected and repaired (if needed) when it comes back into the shop. All cookware (e.g. pots, plates, silverware) is cleaned and sanitized using the same food safety standards as the restaurant industry. Every sleeping bag includes a bag liner that is washed and sanitized before every rental.